Ask a Crimson Texan
((Important Announcement))

((As you may have noticed, this blog’s kinda dead. As such, I am officially declaring this blog to be closed until further notice. If you still want to RP with me, I’ve set up another RP account here. My side blogs are all still open as well.

This doesn’t really seem like a fitting last post, but it’s been fun. Crimmymod, signing out.))

How old are you and whats your real name <3?


When is this going to end??? Call your representatives, sign the petition, and signal boost this!

((In which mun formally apologizes for not existing))

((Yeah…you’ve probably noticed that there’s not a lot going on, and what there is is OOC asks. I apologize for that. My main excuses are that the daily grind has been eating my time (but it’s not quite as bad as it used to be, now that other activities are over for the year) and that I haven’t been feeling the RP thing recently. I want to RP, but it never ends up happening! I do have next week off and reserved for doing nothing, so feel free to hit me or Crim up!

Or I will find you and hit you up and then the world shall implode because I can))

Name 5 tumblr people you want to meet in person.

((FYI, I did get the one you sent earlier. Just didnt get around to answering it.))

How many followers do you have?

((133, 15 16, 0, and 2.

Total of 150 151, but plenty of repeats.))

Do you have a Tumblr crush? If so, who?




((Is mun a girl or boy?))

((Lemme go check…


I’d say boy.))

Are you a girl or a boy?

The Engineer looks funnily at the anon, his face puzzled with a hint of being insulted.

“Now, I dunno who you’ve been lookin’ at, but I can tell ya with some certainty that I am a guy.”

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((This will be understood at a later potential date in the future.))